Arabian Family ~ Drinkers of the Wind Set w/ Box


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The much-loved Classic Arabian Stallion, Johar and Arabian Foal wore grey for this  release called "Drinkers of the Wind," which was only sold through Toys R Us in 1993.  The stallion is a silvery grey with a dark mane and tail and four socks. the Arabian Mare was replaced in this set by Johar, since Breyer had lost the rights to produce the Arab Mare.  Johar is is an adorable flea-bitten grey, and their filly is a warm grey with darker mane and tail and one hind sock.


This set is in fantastic condition comes complete with their original box, so you get the best of both worlds:  A complete set with packaging, which has been removed and fully inspected for you!

This stallion is Near Mint with only a pinpoint eartip rub keeping him from Mint.  He has two pinpoint black specks of mane paint on his left shoulder and one on his back.  He features a pretty metallic sheen, bold shading on his knees and hocks, and subtler shading on his muzzle and inner ears.  USA mold mark.

The mare (Johar)  is Factory Mint with a very slightly flattened right eartip like it touched something before the plastic had cooled.  She features lots of speckling, all the way up to her face, shaded knees and hocks, and grey-shaded clay feet.

The foal is Factory Mint with a couple of tiny plastic bits along her left crest.



Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #700693