Classic Arabian Family w/ Original Cardboard Carrying Case

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 The lovely Classic Arabian Family molds were sculpted by Maureen Love and produced by Breyer from 1973-1991 in sorrel.  Done in warm colors, they remain popular today.  The stallion has a flaxen mane and tail, solid face, and four socks.  The mare has a darker mane and tail, four socks, and a masked stripe.  Their foal wears her mother's dark mane and tail, four socks, and has an airbrushed bald face.

Stallion is in Excellent condition with a factory indentation in his left hind hoof, tiny tail rubs, and pinpoint rubs on his chest and left knee. 

Mare is Near Mint with just a pinpoint ear tip rub and a tiny hoof edge rub.  It's hard to believe she's not chalky - Her paint job has an opaque and somewhat shiny appearance that looks for all the world like those on chalkies (she's not, but she's beautiful). 

Foal is Near Mint with just a pinpoint rub on her right hind coronet. 

All three have initials on the bottom of their feet from their original collector which are invisible while on display.  They all wear USA mold marks and they even come with their original cardboard carrying case. (Box shows wear and water staining, but still includes its original plastic handle.)


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #3055