Ideal Stock Horse ~ Lapis Lazuli

Peter Stone

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This attention-getting member of the Precious Stones series was the Trunk Show Horse for the first half of 2000, so he was only available for six months.  The popular Ideal Stock Horse mold is painted to beautifully represent Lapis Lazuli, a treasured stone throughout history.  Being one of the only natural stones that is blue, lapis was ground up to use as pigment and features as the blue in many works of art. The stone itself is flecked with gold and really beautiful.  Peter Stone has captured this beauty by flecking this gorgeously shaded decorator with gold speckles and accenting him with black points to frame the color.


[A laips lazuli carved heart]

This fellow is Near Mint with only a small tail tip rub (easy to touch up since it's black and so low to the ground).  He features some bigger gold flecks among the speckles and lovely shading.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #:9980