Proud Arabian Mare, Bay Pinto


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The Proud Arabian Mare and a matching foal were issued through Sears Holiday Catalog in 1988 only.  They are red bay with pinto markings, solid face and black points.  The mare has one sock.  This was a popular set, marking the first time the mold was made in such a wild color.  Only 3500 sets were produced.

This little lady is in Near Mint condition with just pinpoint eartip rubs and a couple of tiny hoof rubs.  She shows some body color overspray in her sock, and her black stockings stop just above her hooves.  She features beautifully painted eyes, muzzle and inner ear shading. Somehow we missed taking a photo of her left side, but be assured she is as described and her other side looks just as nice as this side.

Her foal, if not yet sold, is available separately here [Models are being sold separately.  Photo of pair is included for reference.]


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #497679