Arabian Mare ~ Cosette - Web Special

Arabian Mare ~ Cosette - Web Special


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Cosette represented the long-awaited return of Maureen Love's Arabian Mare sculpture to Breyer.  She sports a chestnut pinto coat with two-tone flaxen mane and tail, four white legs and a solid face.  She was a Web Special, only available through Breyer's site, in 2014, in matte finish.  She was later re-released as a second Web Special, with a glossy finish, in 2016.

This is the original Web Special, with a realistic matte finish.  She is Near Mint, marked down only for slight yellowing (sunbathe her for a few days to brighten her right back up) and some masking slips (factory), which resulted in some pinpoint unpainted places and a tiny smudge of body paint on her right knee.  She features pretty highlights and a shaded muzzle.  The original version rarely comes up for sale these days!


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #711997

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