Arabian - Original ~ My Liege - Stone Country Fair SR ~ 30 made

Arabian - Original ~ My Liege - Stone Country Fair SR ~ 30 made

Peter Stone

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Stone Country Fair used to hold a Popular Choice contest, where entrants would create coat colors for a model and fairgoers would vote on their favorite.  The favorite would then be produced in a very limited run for purchase at the following year's event.  My Liege was the creation of collector Anni Koziol.  He is a dark, sooty dun on the Arabian mold, with a dorsal stripe and leg barring, all under a glossy finish.  Only 30 pieces were available at the fair in 2006.  (It's not known if any additional pieces were ordered to be delivered later.)


[Banner image posted at the event (not included with horse - Photo courtesy Anni Koziol.]


This fellow is Factory Mint with gorgeous sooty shading.  He has one pinpoint place on the back of his right rump that shading missed, so it's a body-colored spot under the finish.  What a handsome boy - He features a narrow dorsal strip and leg barring, with a beautifully shaded face.  His left-side photo has run off, so I've substituted in the photo I took with his name tag to help me remember the names of all the Stone models I was processing that day.  (A bit of an inside view into how we work here. :-)  )  It hides part of his foreleg, but there is no damage or anything behind the tag.


Size:  Traditional (approx 1:9 scale)

Model #: none assigned

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