Arabian Stallion, Alabaster


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This handsome Arabian Stallion is a variation on the 1967 alabaster release.  Most had light grey manes and tails, but some, like this guy, sport a bold charcoal grey-black mane and tail.  This combination of age and variation makes him hard-to-find in any condition.

He is marked down to Very Good condition because of the seam splits common to this brand and era.  He has one along his back, another down the front of his neck, and a short one under his belly.  He also has a lot of marks which I feel pretty confident would clean off with careful use of a Magic Eraser.  He has a tiny rub on his forelock tip and a few pinpoint ones on his tail.  He wears the Hartland mold mark and what looks like the top of an X inside one leg and an X inside the other.  While he can't show due to the splits, he's a lovely old variation and will still look great on display.


Size:  9" Series (Hartland designation; not actual height)

Model #8001