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Arabian Stallion, Grey ~ Textured Glossy Sears SR


  • $1395

This color was a special run through Sears in 1989, only as part of the large Stablemate set they offered in that year's Wishbook.   Unlike the regular run grey stallion, this fellow is beautifully done in the color of Native Dancer: a warm grey with black points, shaded muzzle, four socks and dark feet.

He's in Excellent condition. He has light rubs on his right hip and barrel (they don't even show in the photos).  Other than that and hooves not sanded smooth, he's gorgeous!  he has fabulous highlights and shading.  He also has this very neat texture to his glosscoat which reminds me of the texture of oldest Proud Arabian Stallions.  


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #495600-Arab