Arabian Stallion ~ Status Symbol Artist Resin by Ed Gonzalez #022/175

Artist Resin

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This gorgeous artist resin was sculpted by Ed Gonzalez in 1994.  This Arabian sculpt is appropriately called Status Symbol.  This handsome Arabian features a clean head and neck, beautiful legs, and a full, swishy tail.  The sculptor's signature and "#022"  (his serial number) are carved into the belly.  This fellow was painted a gorgeous bay with two socks and the tiniest star, by Kathleen Bateman in 1995.  Whether you choose to update the paint job or keep him as-is, he'll be a beautiful addition to your collection!

He is Near Mint with a small paint chip missing where his mane meets his neck, and a pinpoint rub on his tail.  Both would be easy to touch up, or you may wish to give him a more modern paint job.  His serial number is a low #022 / 175.  He features tri-color eyes, red inside his nostrils, and such fine ears!


[Be aware that artist resins are heavier than Breyer models, so shipping weight will reflect this.]