Australian Stock Horse ~ Hal

Australian Stock Horse ~ Hal


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Hal was the favorite mount of horseman Jonathan Field.  As Jonathan was learning to become a natural horsemanship teacher, the 1997 Quarter Horse arrived at his farm with aggression issues.  Together, they learned to communicate and trust one another, and soon Hal went on the road with Jonathan to expos and clinics.  He was a guest horse at Breyerfest 2019.


[Hal, center, with Jonathan Field aboard, working bridleless with other horses at liberty.  Photo courtesy Breyerfest app]


Hal's portrait model is a rich chestnut on the Australian Stock Horse mold.  He wears solid legs and a stripe.  He was only available as a Store Special at Breyerfest 2019 and only 1250 were made.

This fellow is Factory Mint with a crisply masked face marking and pretty leg shading.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711366

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