Australian Stock Horse ~ Merle - Tractor Supply SR

Australian Stock Horse ~ Merle - Tractor Supply SR


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Merle is a handsome grulla with an airbrushed dorsal stripe and leg barring, as well as a shaded mane and tail.  He was only produced for Tractor Supply Co. for the holidays, 2023.

These are new inventory in their sealed boxes, straight to us from TSC.  Please note, we have to purchase them at full retail price, plus tax, so this is a good deal mainly for collectors who don't have a nearby TSC or who missed out getting these directly from TSC.  original price tag may still be attached to box.

If we sell out, we can order more as long as TSC has them, so please check back or email Eleda to pre-order one from our next shipment!

Out-of-box photo is Breyer promotional image.  Other images are Triple Mountain photos of one of these guys in-hand.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #301184

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