Australian Stock Saddle, Breast Collar and Bridle Set

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This set of tack was only produced for a single year (2000) and only sold as a set with a Stock Horse Stallion called Kiwi, making it hard to find today.  The set includes an Australian Stock Saddle, complete with knee pads, overgirth, stirrup strap billets and hunter green saddle blanket, plus a matching breast collar and snaffle bridle.  It is the only Australian-style tack set Breyer has ever produced to-date.  They are nearly impossible to find for sale!

The leather on the straps is rather dry and could stand to be oiled, but everything is in Near Mint condition otherwise.    [Horse not included, but we thank Big Ben for modeling it.  he may be available for sale separately.]


 Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1124