Base for Ethereal Earth (Sale supports Harvest Hills Animal Shelter)


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 If your Ethereal series Earth model his missing his base, here's a rare opportunity!  This is an original, two-piece base for Earth, in Near Mint condition.  It was purchased from us along with its horse, but the new owner chose to donate the base to our Harvest Hills Animal Shelter account.  (Thank you!)

The resin base features "earthy" colors and sits upon the wood base, which is beautiful with its bronze nameplate.  The wood base also includes a foil sticker on its underside to identify it.  Your horse deserves a lovely original base!

These are heavy, weighing in at 1.6 pounds before being packed for shipping.

[Photo with horse is for reference only, to show the resin base color.  This listing is just for the two-piece base.  Horse not included.]


Breyer Model #582

This item was donated to our charity account for Harvest Hills Animal Shelter, and proceeds from its sale will help the shelter care for dogs and kitties in need.  Thanks for your support!