Bear and Bear Cub ~ Cinnamon Bear Family

Bear and Bear Cub ~ Cinnamon Bear Family


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Cinnamon bears are a sub-species of American black bear, with the main difference being their lovely, cinnamon-colored coats.  Breyer produced a sow bear and cub as cinnamon bears only from 1987-1989, making them two of the harder regular run releases to find.

We are delighted to be able to offer this beautiful pair, complete with their original box and 1987 box brochure.  Box shows moderate wear/discoloration.

Momma Bear is Near Mint with just a tiny nose rub from her box.  When we unwrapped the set, Mama had some tiny, wet-looking areas, so it's possible she may be a shrinky.  They wiped off easily, and no odor or other symptoms were detected.  She features a lighter face that's matte and a satin body that brings her to life.

Baby is Factory Mint with a lighter face and lighter, warmer-colored nose than her mom.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #3069

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