Belgian, Black - Mail-Order SR (Red-on-White Ribbon)


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This handsome black drafter was only made as part of a Special Run series for mail order companies in 1986-1987.  Similar to the earlier Montgomery Ward SR, he has a solid back body with no white.  However, this release features a red-on-white tail ribbon while the MW release has re-on-yellow.  This is the much harder one to find, as only 350 of this guy were made!

This fellow is Near Mint with only pinpoint eartip rubs, a pinpoint white speck on his right shoulder, and a factory rough spot in the plastic on his barrel.  He has no USA mark, a high satin / semi-gloss finish and wears the red-on-white tail ribbon of this hard-to-find release.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #94BL