Belgian ~ Blackhome Grandeur Lyn - VARIATION: No Fleabites!

Belgian ~ Blackhome Grandeur Lyn - VARIATION: No Fleabites!


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This big guy is a portrait of world champion Percheron stallion Blackhome Grandeur Lyn.  This beautiful and talented stallion went on to sire other world champion mares, geldings and stallions.

Blackhome Grandeur Lyn - Photo credit

[Blackhome Grandeur Lyn - Photo credit]


Beyer's portrait model was made for two years in 2003-2004.  It is usually done as a fleabitten grey with tiny white dapples and dark grey fleabite speckling.  Lyn's shaded mane and face, knees and hocks.

This fellow is still attached in his original box.  He's a variation model with grey shading only under his tail, with the top of his tail white, and he has NO fleabites visible!  That makes him a dapple grey, really, so quite a neat variation!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1206

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