Belgian, Dapple Grey - Mail Order SR - 450 Made

Belgian, Dapple Grey - Mail Order SR - 450 Made


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This lovely, soft dapple grey was only released as a Special Run through mail order companies in 1986-1987.  He sports splatter dapples, airbrushed socks and airbrushed bald face with muzzle pinking.  Re wears a yellow tail ribbon with red criss-cross decoration.

This fellow is Near Mint with a few pinpoint and tiny marks, one tiny eartip rub and one ear edge rub, along with a tiny rub in his mane,  a pinpoint one on his tail, and a tiny one on his right barrel that blends so well in with the dapples that I almost didn't see it.  He has a slightly uneven forehead seam.  He displays beautifully, as none of which shows while on normal display.  He features a neatly painted mane and carefully hand-painted tail ribbon with neat, clear Xs.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #94GR

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