Belgian - Goliath, American Cream Draft Horse - Limited Edition


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Celebrating a new American breed, Breyer showcased the American Cream Draft Horse with a Limited Edition light palomino on the vintage Belgian mold in 1995.  He's done in a light palomino with shaded and pinked muzzle, shaded ears, hand-painted eyes, four socks, a stripe, and a red & blue tail ribbon. 

Limited to 10,000 pieces, hand-numbered on their bellies, this fellow is #4090. He is Near Mint with a 1/2" faint grey line on right barrel, pinpoint speck on left shoulder, and large right eyewhite.  These are very tiny flaws, visible only on close inspection, so while he's not LSQ, he displays beautifully.  


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #906