Belgian ~ Levi, 2014 Vintage Club Release

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Chris Hess's Belgian, introduced first in 1964, was a great choice for the 2014 Vintage Collectors Club.  For the Club release, he was done in glossy grey Appaloosa with no blanket, sort-of a combination of the grey Appaloosa Family Arabians of the 1960s and the Smoke models from the same era.  Levi has a white mane and tail, airbrushed bald face, and the VC logo printed on his belly in black.  This particular release did not come with a blue ribbon sticker; instead he wears a true throwback to bygone years: a gold foil sticker proudly proclaiming that he's made of Cellulose Acetate.  Such a sticker on a model from the 1950s or '60s raises the model's value considerably, so this was a nice touch, and the only time this has been done in the Vintage Club.  Only 500 were made.

This fellow is in Factory Mint condition with great shading, lots of spots, handpainted red Xs on his yellow tail ribbon, and grey eyes.  His mane and tail are much nicer than others I've seen.  He comes complete with all the goodies:  His original vintage-style photo box, 1964-themed pamphlet, bubble wrap and bag, and even his original shipping box (original owner's info has been blacked out for privacy).  He'll come to you as if he'd come straight from the factory, except perhaps, that he's wrapped a little better now for travel!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712102