Belgian ~ Levi, 2014 Vintage Club Release

Belgian ~ Levi, 2014 Vintage Club Release


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Chris Hess's Belgian, introduced first in 1964, was a great choice for the 2014 Vintage Collectors Club.  For the Club release, he was done in glossy grey Appaloosa with no blanket, sort-of a combination of the grey Appaloosa Family Arabians of the 1960s and the Smoke models from the same era.  Levi has a white mane and tail, airbrushed bald face, and the VC logo printed on his belly in black.  This particular release did not come with a blue ribbon sticker; instead he wears a true throwback to bygone years: a gold foil sticker proudly proclaiming that he's made of Cellulose Acetate.  Such a sticker on a model from the 1950s or '60s raises the model's value considerably, so this was a nice touch, and the only time this has been done in the Vintage Club.  Only 500 were made.

This fellow is Factory Mint with tons of Appy spots!  He has a couple of specks under his finish as always - the only one noticeable on regular display is on his left shoulder.  He features chalky-style whites, gorgeous shading, and still wears his retro gold foil Tenite sticker.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #712102

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