Belgian, Red Roan - Only 600 Made

Belgian, Red Roan - Only 600 Made


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This beautiful vintage red roan on the Belgian mold was a Special Run for Horses International in 1984.  He wears chestnut speckles over a creamy coat with chestnut mane, tail and lower legs.  His tail ribbon is red-on-white.  Only 600 were made, making him one of the hardest releases to find.

This fellow is Near Mint with only tiny eartip rubs!  He has an unsanded face with a slightly rough area down his nose, some of which missed getting painted in pinpoint specks along it.  It's only visible on close inspection.  He features tons of tiny roan speckles, all the way to (and including) his feet, and soft muzzle shading.  


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #none assigned

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