Best of Breyerfest Series 2 Stablemates Set

Best of Breyerfest Series 2 Stablemates Set


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2021's Virtual Breyerfest "Horse of a Different Color" brought us this beautiful Stablemates set, which includes five miniature versions of raffle and prize models.   Models include Warmblood Mare in dapple grey, Lipizzaner in bay roan, Fell Pony in dun, Standing Stock Horse in bay pinto, and Paso Fino in palomino Appaloosa.  The back of the box names each SM, along with the Traditional model they represent.  Since the Traditional models of these guys are unobtainable for most of us, this set is even more special to own.  Only 3500 sets were made. 

This set is still in its sealed box!


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #711485

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