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Big Ben ~ Apropos - Connoisseur Series


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The 2001 Connoisseur Model is this a gorgeous buckskin Appaloosa on the Big Ben mold.  Connoisseur models are made in extremely limited releases (only 350 of this guy were made!) and are hand-painted with extremely fine detail.  This fellow isn't a solid buckskin - He is done with tiny roan speckles, rabicano rib markings, lightning marks on his legs, hand-painted horse shoes and more.

This fellow is Near Mint with eartip rubs, a few specks in his blanket and one on the bridge of his nose. He features tiny roan speckling, three-tone tail, and beautifully shaded face with well-painted eyes. I've included some close-up photos of his markings so you can better see the detailing.  He is serial #348/350, and comes with his COA (which has invisible tape on the top and corners).


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #90115