Bitsy Breyer, English Attire

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 Bitsy Breyer was Breyer's first rider scaled to fit Little Bits / Paddock Pals size horses.  She wore this molded-on English attire in several sets in the 1980s.  If your set is missing its rider, or you are looking for a poseable scale human for Little Bits, CollectA or Schleich models, this is the girl for you.  Her arms move at the shoulders and her legs move at both the hips and knees.

 She is Near Mint condition with hair that's almost Mint and still curled.  Her body is a bit tacky, which I think you can remedy with a gentle wash.  She comes with a Breyer comb, which although it's missing some teeth, is still a hard to find accessory.  These had such thin teeth that many times they broke the first time they were used, and most got thrown out, so finding one in any condition makes it worth almost as much as the rider itself.


 Size:  Little Bits / Paddock Pals

Breyer Model #1005