Bluegrass Bandit ~ Stella - Tractor Supply SR

Bluegrass Bandit ~ Stella - Tractor Supply SR


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Stella is a beautiful, dark bay pinto Tennessee Walking Horse.  She wears pinto markings over her rump and withers, along with four stockings, a star and a stripe.  She was a Tractor Supply Co Special Run in the fall of 2019.

This lady is still attached in her sealed box, which is like new.

Some of these models have been found to have a faint glow-in-the-dark quality.  This isn't a bright green glow like the Halloween models, but a faint luminescence to their white areas after being "charged" with a bright light.  We didn't think to test her, so you could get a fun surprise if you stand her near a bright light for a few minutes and then try her in the dark.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #301162

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