Book: Exploring the Model Horse Hobby by Nancy Kelly

Book: Exploring the Model Horse Hobby by Nancy Kelly

Nancy Kelly

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Nancy Kelly is well known in the model horse world for her well-written, beautiful reference books.  Exploring the Model Horse Hobby is no exception:  It contains hundreds of superb color photos and well-researched information.  This is the perfect book for someone who is just getting into (or getting back into) collection, or anyone who wants to learn more about different aspects of the hobby.

Chapters include subjects such as collecting, customizing, showing, model horse history, including several different brands (but with majority focus on Breyer).  Learn about Beswick, Copperfox, and Hartland brands, and "meet" some of the founders of the hobby like Peter Stone and Marney Walerius through her writing and photos.

The book is soft-cover, 8.5" x 11", 118 pages.

This copy is signed by the author. and is in Near Mint condition.

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