Box: Peter Stone Kola II

Box: Peter Stone Kola II

Peter Stone

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GaWaNi Pony Boy's horse Kola became the subject of a special series of models by Peter Stone in 1998.  He is a bay pinto with a stripe and four stockings.  He was made in three war paint versions:  Versions One and Two were made available singly to the public, while the third one was to be sold by GaWaNi Pony Boy only.  Only 500 were made of Kola II.

If your boy is missing his box, here's a rare opportunity to get one for him. It's great to have in your collection, important for showing, and can increase his value if you ever decide to sell him.

With only 500 boxes made, we can assume there are far fewer in existence today!  This box is in Near Mint condition.  It features a gold foil 1998 Special Run sticker and a full-color sticker with an image of Pony Boy with Kola.  At the bottom of that sticker are three check-boxes to indicate which version of Kola came with it.  It also comes with its Stone Horses hang tag.



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