Box: Proud Arabian Mare and Foal, Bay Pinto - Sears SR

Box: Proud Arabian Mare and Foal, Bay Pinto - Sears SR


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The Proud Arabian Mare and a matching foal were issued through Sears Holiday Catalog in 1988 only.  They are red bay with pinto markings, solid face and black points.  The mare has one sock.  This was a popular set, marking the first time the mold was made in such a wild color.  Only 3500 sets were produced.

If your horses are missing their box, here's your chance to get one for them.  It's great to have in your collection, important for showing, and can increase the value if you ever decide to sell them.

Their box is a white cardboard shipping box with a black and white image of the models on the front.  This box is in Excellent condition, marked down mainly for the small dig in the bottom of the front.  Has remnants of tape on the backside where receipts were once attached.  Thinly white-coated cardboard box with black and white image label sticker.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #497679

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