Box Sticker: National Park Foundation Wildlife Series

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Breyer's National Park Foundation Wildlife Series began in 1997 and ran for two years.  It included a brown bear, moose, elk, ram, deer family, American bison, and Pronghorn antelope.  The series was officially recognized by the Park Foundation.  Each was sold singly in a plastic front box bearing the special sticker below that incorporates the National Park Foundation logo with the Breyer logo and images of some of the animals.  Whether you enjoy documenting your collection, need it for showing, or to help increase your model's value if you decide to sell it, here's a chance to get one of those box stickers.

This box sticker was cut carefully from the box.  A consignor sent us more than one of these, so the photo is of one of them.  All are in Near Mint condition.


["JAH" photo is for historical reference only; not included.]


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