Breyer 70th Anniversary Beach Towel

Breyer 70th Anniversary Beach Towel


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Wrap yourself in your favorite models with this special edition beach towel for Breyer's 70th anniversary!  This is truly a piece of Breyer artistry, with a huge variety of models pictured with the year of their introduction highlighted behind their silhouettes.

This towel is made only for this year and will be something you'll enjoy having forever.  The colorful front is super soft, velvety microfiber for snuggling into, while the reverse is white terry loops for great drying power.  It is also generously sized at 60" x 30". 

When they arrive, the towels look very flat.  I ran mine through a wash and dry to see how it held up, and was delighted to see that not only did the colorful front come out just as nice as pre-wash, but the terry on the reverse had fluffed up some and the whole thing was even softer.

Don't need a beach towel?  These beautiful pieces will make a great wall hanging or curtains!  Mine will become a curtain for my horse room.  I even used it as a table topper during virtual Breyerfest, and got lots of compliments.


Machine wash, tumble dry.

These were a one-time buy from Breyer, so we don't anticipate being able to get any more once we sell out. 

Final photo shows them hanging from the top shelf in our store so you can see how really big they are! Blue pattern available separately here.


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