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This is a vintage Dunning Industries Ranchcraft Lamp, which originally held a Breyer Woodgrain Running Mare and Foal.  Lamps in this style were made by Dunning in the 1950s - early 1960s, and featured a variety of models, with bases sized to match, but generally used the same hardware.

The horses were removed long ago and the wood base is in rough shape.  However, the hardware is in great condition and works, so if you have a lamp that's missing parts or that you'd like to rewire with original wiring, this is a rare opportunity.

For reference, the lamp parts are as follows:



Brass pole is nearly like new, with minimal tarnishing.  It still shines in most places, and features a striped pattern similar to a carousel horse pole.  Socket is also nearly like new, clean and in working order.  Brass harp shows moderate tarnishing, but displays well.  It is removable from the harp saddle in which it rests by lifting off up the keepers and squeezing the sides of the harp slightly.  (It will be removed and wrapped for shipping, to reduce the shipping box size necessary.)  Brass finial is dented in four places where it appears someone tried to unscrew it using pliers held vertically.  While the dents do show, they also give you a better grip which makes screwing and unscrewing the finial easier.  Cord is a slightly stiff from age but still flexible and fully intact.  Non-polarized plug is also intact and entire unit does work.  ... I've used it to illuminate models for photos in the past.

The wood base of the lamp is probably not worth saving, as it has a deep gouge on the top, and its felt has been peeled off from the bottom in order to unscrew the models.  However, if you really wanted to, you could certainly restore it by fill the damage on the top and re-varnishing it, then applying new felt to the bottom.  We expect the buyer will probably discard the wood base and instead use the hardware to improve an existing lamp.

Safety Note: This lamp is being sold for parts to allow restoration of your vintage Breyer lamp.  Even if rewired by an electrician, we recommend it not be used, since the cord and plug are from the 1950s and are not polarized. 


 Size:  11" long x 7" deep x 14" tall with harp detached for shipping

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