Breyer Plank Jump

Breyer Plank Jump


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Breyer has produced several jumps through the years, but this may be one of the prettiest.  Called a "plank jump" because the bars are flat boards, it is made in Breyer's logo colors of royal blue, yellow and white.  It includes two picket fence-style standards with holes to hold the planks at whatever height you like, and features a tiny brass name plate with the Breyer logo on one of the four removable planks.  It was made from 1995 - (?)... We're uncertain of its end date, but probably somewhere around 1998.

This one is in Excellent to Near Mint condition with all pieces included.  There is some minor wear on planks and standard bases from being shown.  At some point, someone glued the planks in place.  They're no longer glued, but some dried glue remains in the slots of the standards.  It will need to be pried out in order for the center planks to be inserted fully. With that bit of TLC, it would be a great addition to your Performance show setup or for display or play at home.


 Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #7622

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