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Brown Sunshine ~ That Darn Mule! 600 Made


  • $24995

That Darn Mule! was a Special Run in 1998 sold only through Southern States Distribution.  700 were originally produced; from those, 100 were purchased by AI Farm Toys and marked with their name, leaving only 600 unmarked sets.  This cool set includes a dark bay saddle mule on the Brown Sunshine mold wearing a pack mule harness with panniers. 

This fellow is still in his sealed box!  The box has a small split in one end seam which is invisible while on display.  The top of the box has a (Breyer factory?) sticker detailing the ship date and original destination for this model.  With only 600 made and the appeal of playing with the pack harness, which was new to Breyer, it's safe to assume that not many of these remain attached in their original boxes.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #790998