Buckshot - Original Release

Buckshot - Original Release


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"Buckshot, Famous Spanish Barb" is the full name of this fellow's inaugural release.   He was one of the Artist Series, a short series of horses released by Breyer to introduce new sculptors for the first time (not the first new sculptors, but the first time they gave the sculptors any attention), as Chris Hess was retiring.  This dynamic sculpt was created by Bob Scriver, and his initial release as Buckshot has him in just as dynamic a coat color:  He is alternately considered blue roan or grey Appaloosa, but also wears leg barring and a grey dorsal stripe.  He was only available in 1985-1988.

This fellow is in Excellent to Near Mint condition, marked down primarily for mild yellowing, which you can correct by sunbathing him for a week or so.  He also has a tiny yellow mark on his right stifle, a little dirt on his face, and a tiny black mark on his left neck and shoulder.  The only rubs seen are a tiny scratch on his left forearm and a tiny muzzle rub.  He features tons of little Appy spots, as softly blended blanket and a narrow, soft grey dorsal stripe.  Like nearly all on this mold, he requires a prop to stand.  We also recommend a Horse Safety Rack to help keep him safely upright. 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #415

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