Cantering Warmblood ~ Sorrel


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Released only as one of the blind bags from the Spirit Running Free collection, Sorrel is a - you guessed it - sorrel on the SM Cantering Warmblood mold.  He wears a warm sorrel body with four socks and a solid face. 

This fellow is in Excellent condition and straight from the package.  I opened him myself for our consignor, and he emerged with a tiny rub on his left hindquarter and a pinpoint eartip and tail tip rub.  Despite the tiny factory rub (which looks like he was packaged before he was fully dry) he has gorgeous body shading, a shaded mane and tail, and as part of the Spirit line, painted eyebrows.  His eyebrows appear to be dark brown rather than black, though, and don't show against his coloring as much as they do on some molds.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #9210-Sorrel