Cantering Foal, Bay Appaloosa - VARIATION?


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This cute-as-can-be bay Appy foal was only sold as part of the Pocket Barn Carrying Case set from 2002-2005.  He is a dark red bay with an airbrushed blanket and masked or hand-applied spots.

We're calling this foal Factory Mint with a PAINTED star and snip instead of raw plastic.  He is the first of this release we've had, and we can't find good images anywhere of any others, so we're at a loss to say whether this was normal for this release or is a variation.  We also can't 100% guarantee that it was done at the factory, but it is smooth and looks like a factory-applied set of markings.  Either way, it's quite pretty, as it stands out on his dark face more than raw plastic would.  The snip includes muzzle painting.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #5993