Cantering Welsh Pony ~ Tally Ho

Cantering Welsh Pony ~ Tally Ho


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Tally Ho was the spring Show Special in 2001, only available at select model horse shows during Feb - July.  She is a pretty dun with a dorsal stripe and Mary's Cross marking, leg barring, four socks and a wide blaze that covers her muzzle.

This sweetie is Excellent condition with no rubs seen!  She has a few specks in her finish as always, and would have been rated as Factory Mint except that she carries an odor from being in storage before she arrived here.  It will concentrate while she's wrapped here, but should dissipate after you have her displayed in open air for a while.  Still, she's bargain priced because of that.  She features some of the best leg barring we've seen on any Breyer dun and her whites are as bright as the day she was born.  She even comes with her original box.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #700101

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