Chips Drafter, Blue Roan - DAH (One of a Kind)

Chips Drafter, Blue Roan - DAH (One of a Kind)

Peter Stone

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Stone's Design-A-Chips program allowed collectors to dream up their favorite color on their favorite model and have one of the Stone painters make it just for them.  This was a beautiful choice someone made - A blue roan drafter with no white markings, a speckled coat, and metallic gold mane and tail ribbons.  Each DAC model is one-of-a-kind.

This guy is Factory Mint and beautifully done, with teeny dark grey speckles over a lighter grey coat.  He features neatly painted eyes and bright gold ribbons.  He is signed under his belly DAC 18 JK.


Size:  Chips (approx 1:32 scale)

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