Chuck Wagon Squeaky Toy Premium by Ralston Purina

Ralston Purina

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Horse-Shaped objects are so much fun in a collection!  Eleda has a Curiosities Cabinet that features neat horse-shaped objects, and it's a great conversation-starter.  This Chuck wagon was a mail-in premium from the Ralston-Purina Company, which made Chuck wagon dog food.  Their commercials used to feature a tiny chuck wagon speeding across the kitchen floor to bring food the family dog.  The design of this squeaker is spot-on to the little chuck wagon in the ads!  UPCs had to be collected and mailed in to get one.  It was offered in 1975.

Since these were made to be given to dogs, not many survived 40+ years, and to find one in this good a condition is quite a treat.  This one was received by a collector so no dog ever played with it.  It is in new condition. The rubber is still soft and flexible and the squeaker squeaks.  The paint job is about what you'd expect for a dog toy, but is Factory Mint.  I don't expect we'll ever receive another one to sell.  Here's your chance to add an unusual piece to your collection!

We didn't measure it, but estimate it's around 6" long.