Cigar ~ Special Delivery - JAH SR w/ COA


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Cigar made his first Special Run appearance as aptly-named Special Delivery, offered only to "Just About Horses" subscribers in 1999.He is a boldly marked sorrel pinto with a neat face marking.  He came with a CoA listing his serial number.  Only 3500 were made.

This fellow is Near Mint with moderate yellowing that you can correct by letting him sunbathe for a few days.  He has a couple of pinpoint black specks as well, but they should clean off with a Magic Eraser.  He comes with his original CoA with low number #554/3500 and even his letter from Breyer!  Don't be scared off by his photos... With some time in the sunshine, he'll be gorgeous, and you'll have snagged a bargain!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #none assigned