Cigar ~ Special Delivery - JAH SR w/ Box and complete paperwork set!


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Cigar made his first Special Run appearance as aptly-named Special Delivery, offered only to "Just About Horses" subscribers in 1999.He is a boldly marked sorrel pinto with a neat face marking.  He came with a CoA listing his serial number.  Only 3500 were made.

This fellow is Factory Mint with just the usual couple of specks in his plastic.  His whites are nice and bright.  He features pretty tail shading and semi-gloss finish on the colored parts of his mane and tail.  He comes with his original CoA, envelope, and shipping box, and even copies of the application and Breyer letter for this model!  This is a true collector's item, suitable for your Collectors Class string - You may never again find one with such complete paperwork!  Photos of the model and all of his paperwork have been sent to, so he'll also be sort of famous!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #none assigned