Quarter Horse Stallion, Sorrel Appaloosa - Sears SR


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Quite possibly one of the prettiest colors to grace the Maureen Love Classic Quarter Horse Family, this sorrel Appy was released only through the "Sears Wishbook" for the holidays in 1986 as part of their Collector's Edition Appaloosa Family.  All three are warm sorrels with slightly darker manes and tails, airbrushed blankets and splatter spots.  We are offering each separately.  If still available, you can find the mare here and the foal here[Photo showing all three is for reference.]

He is Near Mint with just an eartip rub and a tiny nostril rub!  He has a little factory smudge on his right hindquarter from spot paint.  He features a smooth coat with a satin finish and nostril shading.


Size:  Classic

Breyer Model #21061