Clydesdale, Dapple Grey - JCP SR

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This stunning dapple grey drafter was only sold through JC Penney as part of their Parade of Breeds II set in 1990.  Only 8500 were made.  Sometimes there are mistaken for the "Charger - The Great Horse" release, but that release had far fewer dapples and a matte finish, while this release is beautifully dappled and wears a semigloss finish.  Because of their beautiful coloring, they are very sought-after and rarely come up for sale.

He is Near Mint with just eartip and hoof edge rubs!  He features tons of dapples, a darker mane and tail, and nice, bright whites under a semi-gloss coat.


Size:  Little Bits / Paddock Pals

Breyer Model #711090