Clydesdale Foal, Dapple Grey - 500 Made

Clydesdale Foal, Dapple Grey - 500 Made


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This really beautiful dapple grey on the Clydesdale Foal was a Special Run for Horses International in 1988.  She wears a shaded grey coat with resist dapples, four airbrushed socks and a a shaded face.  Only 500 were made, and they're almost impossible to find for sale these days.

This filly is Factory Mint and extraordinary!  She has tons of tiny dapples, shaded leg joints, bright whites, muzzle and inner ear shading, and just a hint of muzzle pinking.  What a beautiful example of this small run!

Some models shipped in to us in the same box as her had a slight odor from being in storage previously.  We didn't notice any odor with her, but mentioning it in case any builds up while she's bubble wrapped for her trip to you.  If so, displaying her in open air will quickly dissipate any lingering scent of storage.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #410184

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