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Clydesdale Foal, Sorrel - Light Color Variation


  • $2195

The original release of the Clydesdale Foal is this sorrel, made from 1969-1989.  Most have a medium brown body with darker brown mane and tail, airbrushed bald face and four socks over grey feet.

This filly is Excellent condition with just two brown marks (one on her left shoulder and one on her right forearm) that may come off with a cleaning.  She also has initials on the bottom of her feet from her original collector which are invisible when on display.  She is the lightest color variation I have ever seen.  The darkest parts of her body are about the color of highlights on a regular one.  The rest of her is so light that if her mane and tail were black, she'd qualify as a rich buckskin.  This is a super pretty color on her, with her dark brown mane and tail, bald face that extends below one eye, nostril shading and muzzle pinking.  She wears the USA mold mark.  If you collect this mold, you'll love her!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #84