Clydesdale Mare, Chestnut

Clydesdale Mare, Chestnut


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In this original release for the Clydesdale Mare, she is a rich chestnut with airbrushed socks and blaze.  She was originally sold together as a set with her foal and singly from 1971-1990.

The mare is Excellent condition, marked down mainly for her strong yellowing, which should be mostly reversible with some time spent sunbathing.  If you give her that time, I think she'll reward you with highlights all the way to white, a vintage speckly paint job, and her semigloss finish.  She has only a couple of pinpoint rubs - One on her back one one on her left neck, and features muzzle pinking, nostril shading, inner ear shading, and unglossed eyes.  USA mark.  Interestingly, she has a shinier finish than usual, bordering on semigloss.  She even comes with the earliest version of her blanket, with dyed natural fiber that has faded some with time, and metal closures on the double belly bands.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #83

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