Clydesdale Mare ~ Gladwin Lucky Grey Lady w/ Breyerfest Button


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This light dapple grey on the Clydesdale Mare mold was the Celebration Model for Breyerfest 2003.  You had to attend the event to receive her.  She is pearly white with very subtle dappling on her hind quarters.  She has a shaded face with a blaze that extends over one side her muzzle, showing pinking at the muzzle, as if she's spent some time in the sun.  Only 4500 were made.

This mare is Near Mint with only a tiny hoof edge rub!  She features beautiful grey body shading, particularly on her chest and knees, gorgeous face shading that deepens to near black at the muzzle, muzzle pinking, and subtle dappling on her hindquarters.  She wears a slightly metallic/pearly finish and comes with her commemorative Breyerfest button!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #710103