Clydesdale Stallion, Bay - No Muscles 1958-1959 Only

Clydesdale Stallion, Bay - No Muscles 1958-1959 Only


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This rugged fellow was only made in this color between 1958 and 1971.  He is bay with highlights, gold bobs and tail ribbon, airbrushed socks and bald face.  The very earliest models on this mold had very little muscle definition.  These were only made between 1958-1961.  In 1962 more muscle grooves and definition were added, turning him into the mold we have known and loved ever since.  The "no muscles" version is a hard-to-find boy these days.

This fellow is the original, no-muscles version of the mold.  He is in Excellent condition with just two tiny scratches on his left hindquarter and I counted three pinpoint rubs on his body, along with tiny eartip and hoof edge rubs.  He has some factory flaws in his finish, which isn't surprising, as he is a really early fellow.  They were probably still figuring things out when he was made.  He also has some unsanded seams.  Someone in his past noticed he doesn't have stallion parts and, well, there's no other way to say it:  They drew two thin lines to look like "gelding scars."  They also had glued on horseshoes underneath his hooves, which have since been removed.  Since these things are faint and don't show on normal display, they don't negatively affect his value, in my opinion, but we've reduced his price anyway.  He features ears that are more concave than most, bright gold on his bobs and ribbon, factory hand-painted eye whites, nostril and inner ear shading and a mane and tail that are dark charcoal grey rather than true black.   What a gorgeous early fellow! 


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #80

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