Clydesdale Stallion ~ Duke - SM Club

Clydesdale Stallion ~ Duke - SM Club


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This neat mini version of the original full-sized dapple grey Clydesdale Stallion was the optional model available only to Stablemate Collector Club members in 2020.  Since he was optional, we can assume there are fewer of him around than "regular" club models for that year, which were mandatory purchases for club members.  The features all-over dapples, a darker mane and tail, and metallic gold bobs and ribbons, including the return of his forelock ribbon!

This fellow is Factory Mint and beautiful, with a soft grey coat, tons of dapples, and bright metallic gold bobs and bows, all under a beautiful high-gloss finish.


Size:  Stablemate

Breyer Model #712368

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