Clydesdale Stallion, Glossy Dapple Grey

Clydesdale Stallion, Glossy Dapple Grey


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This handsome old guy was only made from 1962-1966!  He is an incredible example of vintage resist dapple grey and the pride the painters took in their work in Chicago.  He wears four airbrushed socks, a bald face, and gold bobs.

This fellow displays beautifully, but is hard to rate, because he has a strange flaw:  An off-white thread around his left front fetlock and down to the toe of his hoof.  At first I thought it was a repaired, leg, but on close inspection, it seems to be a thin thread that got wrapped around his leg and was glossed over at the factory!  Since it's natural color, it doesn't jump out at you, but it certainly makes for a unique conversation starter.  What was going on at the factory that day?  Other than that, he's missing a bob, and that's his biggest issue.  He has some tiny rubs on the top of his other bobs, a bit of yellow on the underside of his right hind feathering, a slightly flattened left eartip, and a few tiny tail and forelock rubs.  He is still a gorgeous model, with huge dapples, whites almost as bright as the day he was born, and some of the best muzzle and inner ear pinking we've seen, all under a beautiful high gloss finish.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #82

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